Data Migration

Often you want to change your Mavo HTML after you’ve saved data. Mavo will try its best to associate your old data with your new app, but it may sometimes need a helping hand.

Single property ↔ Collection

When converting a single property to/from a collection (i.e. adding or removing mv-multiple), you don’t need to do anything, Mavo automatically handles it.

If you are removing mv-multiple and your data contains multiple items, Mavo will only display the first item. However, the rest will be retained, in case you change your mind later.

Adding or removing properties

Adding and removing properties from your HTML also works automatically. In the case of removing a property from your HTML, its saved data will be retained, in case you change your mind in the future. Therefore, if you decide to re-add it later, its data will still be there.

Renaming properties: The mv-alias attribute

When you rename properties, your old data is still stored under the previous property name and Mavo has no way of associating the two, since it cannot "see" the previous version of your HTML, only the current one. You could help it rename the property by using mv-alias="oldPropertyName". Then, to migrate your data, load your app, save, and then you can remove the mv-alias attribute from your HTML.