Get Mavo

Mavo was released publicly on May 16th, 2017 and is currently in mature beta (gamma? 😝). This doesn’t mean you can’t use it in production, just make sure to test things well, and if you are going to hand off the site, use a specific Mavo version or local files. Play around with it and let us know if you encounter any bugs! Or, if you just like Mavo and want to tell us, we’d love that too! 😊

You need to include both Mavo’s CSS file and JS file. To select the appropriate files, please answer the following questions:

Will you read the code in the JavaScript and CSS files?

What browser support do you need?

Feeling adventurous?

Now copy and paste the following code in your page’s <head> section, or click on the links below to download these files locally:

<script src="[path][filename]"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="[path]mavo[if(minify, '.' & min)].css">

Mavo Release History


▸ Full changelog

Both the code generator, as well as the release list, are Mavo apps. View source to see how they’re made!